The Story Behind the Emberverse.

The Emberverse was born in 2020 when, just before Nano Wrimo, Steffani started writing a short story. Spoiler alert: it didn’t stay a short story.

These days, the Emberverse exists in a series of novels – in varying states of completion – and most recently, the Into the Emberverse podcast.

Meet Your Host

Steffani Dawn is the author and reader of the Into the Emberverse podcast.

Her love of science-fantasy story telling was a happy accident that she can blame on a single scene that came from a dream she had several years ago.

Along with her family, Steffani lives in the Pacific Northwest. When she isn’t writing, you’ll find her in her garden or playing with her kids.

Steffani’s debut novel, also part of the Emberverse, releases early in 2023.

Steffani Dawn